Quiz Meeting 2 English For IT

Tugas Pertemuan 2

1. What does this passage mainly discuss?

    a. Alferd Bernhald Nobel
    b. The Nobel Prizes
    c. Great contribution to markind
    d. Swedish philanthropy
2. Why were the prizes named for Alferd Bernhard Nobel
    a. He left money in his will to establish a fund for the prizes
    b. He won the first Nobel Prize for his work in philanthrophy
    c. He is now living in sweden
    d. He serves as chairman of the committee to choose the recipients of the prizes
3. The word will in paragraph 1 refers to
    a. Nobel’s wishes
    b. a legal document
    c. a future intention
    d. a free choice
4. How often are the Nobel Prizes awarded?
   a. Five times a year
   b. Once a year
   c. Twice a year
   d. Once every two years
5. the word Outstanding in paragraph 2 could best be replaced by
   a. recent
   b. unusual
   c. established
   d. exceptional
6. A nobel Prize would NOT be given to
    a. an author who wrote a novel
    b. a doctor who discovered a vaccne
    c. a composer who wrote a symphony
    d. a diplomat who negotiated a peace settlement
7. what does the author mean by the statement: These prizes have been administered continually by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm since they were first awarded in 1901?
    a. The Nobel Foundation oversees the management of the money and the distribution of the prizes
    b. The Nobel Foundation selects the recipients of the prizes
    c. The Nobel Foundation solicits applications and recommendations for the prizes
    d. The Nobel Foundation recommends new prizes classifications
8. Why are the award presented on December 10?
   a. it is a tribute to the King of Sweden
   b. Alfred Bernhard Nobel died on that
   c. That date was established in Alfred Nobel’s will
   d. The Central Bank of sweden administers the trust

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